First what is faux fur

Faux fur is a textile fabric that is designed to resemble as a real fur. The material is generally made from synthetic fibres which are processed to match the appearance of the animal fur. First of all, let’s check out the materials which are used in the process of making the faux fur .

How is it made ?

Different polymers are used like acrylics, modacrylics, polyesters and a variety of combination between them. Acrylics are made by the chemical reaction between chemicals derived from Coal ,petroleum water and air, processed through pressure and heat, same is the way for making Modacrylics but they consist Acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride monomers.

There are many other ingredients that are added to improve the quality of the fabrics, monomers make the fiber absorb dyes easily and increases the longevity . Organic fibres are also used to improve the look and feel of the faux fur.

These material provide the fabric with great qualities like . stretchability, makes the fur fluffier, light weight, and give a look of a genuine fur. They are highly resistant to different weather conditions like heat sunlight, cold etc. The water absorption ability of these material is also very low, so they dry fast and most of them even can endure laundering.

The Process

The first step of faux fur manufacturing is the production of fibers. All materials are combined in a large chamber in which their polymerization into desired finer begins. Substances are consistently mixed while the fibres undergo heat and pressure processing. The rest of of these process is a white resin  which is then turned into a thick liquid submerging into acetone.

After this substance goes through filters to remove the unwanted solid particles and is drowned in to water. The thick polymer liquid is then converted into a tow, which is basically a lot of uncut fibres, with the help of specially designed spinners. The tow is then stretched few times until it gets the desired thickness while being washed with acetone at the same time and dried. finally the machine cuts it into appropriate hair pile and is dyed in the appointed colours.

The Backing of the Fabric

After the fibres are ready, they are added to the backing, the backing is usually made from the fibres such as wool ,cotton, viscose and polyester. There are several different ways to attach the fibres to the backing such as weaving, knitting and stuffing, each having its advantages and disadvantages and is used depending on the type of the produced fabric.


once the fabric is ready, it goes through series of processing to improve its quality. The fabric is heated which improves the strength and resistance of the fibres and guarantees they will stay in place on the backing. After this wire brushes are used to remove any loose fibres from the garment, followed by a set of knives that cut any uneven fibres that stick out. A combination of chemical is applied to the fabric to increase its durability, touch and look.

The Faux Fur Fabric goes through a series of quality controls in the whole process to ensure the manufacturing is going as directed.

Finally the plush feel fabric is made without harming any animals in the process and the labels are put on the fabric as FAUX FUR


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