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Om Enterprise is an esteemed company in the leather industry since 1992 and is only advancing with time. We offer our customers with a great variety of garment accessories and materials, ensuring superior quality of our products at best price.

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With time and effort we have been able to gain the trust of our customers. Our customers speak for our work.

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Women’s Fashion Week did not dissatisfy in the slightest- from richly coloured furs, to prevailing silhouettes- Women’s Fashion Week gave us a whole heap of stupendous pieces to discover.

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During last summer's catwalks , it became abundantly clear: this winter, we'd once again be seeing fur everywhere, from the wardrobe to the street scene. The shops are already stuffed with examples, from jackets to key rings and accents on handbags. We're already big fans!

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In 1851 a man named Elias Howe, and American inventor who invented the sewing machine, obtained a patent for what he called an “Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure”.

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Faux fur is a textile fabric that is designed to resemble as a real fur. The material is generally made from synthetic fibres which are processed to match the appearance of the .

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All tired and exhausted, one reaches home after a hectic day. And just when rest and peace is needed the most, stuck jacket or pant zip welcomes you with a heartwarming

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The massive Japanese company behind the world's best zippers

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Faux Fur- It's so cozy, It's so welcoming. And right now, it's on its way to becoming a toasty hot interior design trend.

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A Fur free future is ahead of us.

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The Women designers series is an on-going project to highlight innovative designers across the world that incorporate YKK products into their unique creations. In this instalment, we introduce you to Alia White, founder of Ashe and Irys, a new line of nursing wear for moms searching for chic and affordable options

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Today we’ve got TONS of FAKEs to choose from, and when it comes to faux fur being bigger than the real thing, I think the industry deserves a kudos for it.

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Taking measurements to make a fur coat is quite simple. The first rule is accuracy.

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From sunshine-toned tartans to neon animal prints, yellow is surprisingly a favoured colour this season.

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Since the 1930’s people have been debating whether zippers are superior to buttons as a method of keeping the fly shut.

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