Women’s Fashion Week did not dissatisfy in the slightest- from richly coloured furs, to prevailing silhouettes- Women’s Fashion Week gave us a whole heap of stupendous pieces to discover. Sustainability has been a major buzzword around the globe in present times, and to see voluminous amounts of fur being shown on the runway from major and upcoming designers verifies that fur is very much a part of the future of fashion. We take a look at some incredible fur pieces that were featured this Fall/ Winter 2020.


LaQuan Smith

Heading to New York. LaQuan Smith gave us an unforgettable show which very quickly became the talk of the town. Pieces came in an extremely seductive and racy manner with mesh being the main material that took centre stage on the runway via bodysuits, tops and dresses.

Silhouettes were followed by smart trousers, fitted mini and maxi dresses, and hand coats both cropped, and long , all which followed a strict black and brown colour-scheme with little interims of shiny teal blue as well as a wholesome white (fur) coat. What truly stood out during the show were the esteemed due coats that were put together with a shimmering dress and an equally shimmery body suit. Fur bags were a dominant accessory on the runway, and were;t to be missed with all eyes on the “i’m moving out’ and ‘Hoe Bag’ displayed across the fur bags which became a hot world-wide, featuring on the front cover of Business of Fashion’s online article.

Dennis Basso

Dennis Basso’s collection came in all types of furs, sizes and colours, illuminating the runway. There were many emerald green , hot pink, and butterscotch gold hues that dominated the show coming in a series of ball gown and pouf dresses, puffer jackets and the timeless top and skirt/ trouser sequence. These were followed by a frenzy of patterns, lifting each silhouette into classic arrangements with stripes, leopard prints, deco-styled motifs, and floral prints parading down the runway.

What indisputable stood out in this collection were the imaginative fur pieces that were presented, which mostly came in the from of plush coats, or on the collars and on the inner layer of puffer jackets . For the modern woman, a chic white Dennis Basso fur coat paired wit black boots and gloves, or a fur leopard-printed short sleeved jumper pair together with a turtleneck is what this collection offers to the outerwear brand.



All hail Fendi’s FW20 collection, which at first glance appeared to look like an explosion of colours, patterns and styles, however what we drew together from the runway looks was that there were plenty of idiosyncratic pieces fit for the perfect fall wardrobe for the modern beauty.

What the show celebrated through its feminine and playful collection is the multi layered nature of woman of today. Kickstarting with the esteemed mink and fox looks, as usual there were many for us to dissect, starting off with the paisley patterned print fur blazer and skirt. This combination was prevailing on the runway as the seriously arresting piece offered panache and a timeless element that can’t be worked with many other materials- the detailing and craftsmanship used to create such art deserves commendation. Additional fur looks followed with full fur length and cropped coats ( some with puffy sleeves), a clutch bag and wonderfully produced fur-stole like, off the shoulder top (it’s as wild as it sounds), whilst colour palettes fixated on more earthy tones of pale pinks, greys, blacks and yellows.

A very steady look included puffy sleeves amongst many silhouettes such as coats dresses, jumpers, shirts and playsuit all playing their part in the focus of this collection- curvy women


Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent gave a spotlight for its FW20 collection.With 66 looks, each one bought something exclusive to the runway, whether that was via latex trousers or blazers paired with scarf ties.

Fur inherently fir into the ensemble, with two padded shoulder pineapple yellow and pine green hip-length coats, and on the trim of a scarlet tired coat, which undoubtedly generated a distinctive attitude to be illuminated runway.


Dior gave us shearling.and a lot of eyeliner for Paris Fashion Week. Shearling came in very remarkable ways – most prominently on boots, as a cropped jacket, and on the trims of a leather jacket.

Dior’s runway focused a lot on chequered prints with the majority of looks sporting shorts, trousers, skirts and blazers, with colours coming especially neutral such as whites, beiges, greys, blues and blacks.

Overlay silhouettes appeared jam-packed with many accessories such as necklaces, hats, sunglasses, bandanas, belts and shoulder bags forming Dior’s FW20 collection.

It’s safe to say that furs was very much present on the runway. WE anticipate plenty more wonderful furs during September fashion weeks, and we can’t wait for it!

Source: www.wearefur.com

Photo credits: Vogue


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