Although fluffy pom pom/s and furry shoes have become a fashion statement , we are still witnessing a trend of buyers choice moving towards the artificial fur from real fur. Many buying houses have taken a deliberate step of compassion and empathy towards animals by choosing artifical fur over real fur .

Understandably this is concerning for shoppers , not just those who have purchased these articles but also those who are passionate about animal welfare and organisations like ourselves – who are passionate about faux fur.

It can be difficult to the the difference between real and faux furs, especially as faux furs are so realistic

Here are some tips to distinguish real fur vs faux fur

1. Part the fibres

In the real fur you would find the animal skin at the base of the fabric , whereas faux fur fabric there would be a woven or knitted texture.

2. Texture

If you check t the back of the fabric, you can feel the backing is much stiffer and almost hard to touch in real fur , where as faux fur back is much softer in handfeel.

3. Examine the tips

Real fur tapers to a point ( if it hasn’t been shaved ) and faux fur will usually always have a blunt end

4. The burn test

If the fabric is put to test by burning a small swatch of it in a controlled environment , real fur will singe like human hair, faux fur will melt down as it’s acrylic

We wanted to take this opportunity to reassure our customers that we have 100% faux fur! and we proudly apply the saying – ” Fake for Animal’s Sake “

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