During last summer’s catwalks , it became abundantly clear: this winter, we’d once again be seeing fur everywhere, from the wardrobe to the street scene. The shops are already stuffed with examples, from jackets to key rings and accents on handbags. We’re already big fans!

No limit to combinations

The key winter classic for looking super stylish while also keeping warm and cosy is faux fur coat. High cuddle-factor? Check! if you prefer more of an understated look, then naturally you could go for a faux fur collar or some detailing on the sleeves. Do those details also happen to be detachable? Fantastic! that means you get to decide when and how you pair they fur trend!

This winter, faux fur accessories are also hot! Don’t just think scarves or gloves : instead , have a go at giving your outfit that extra dash of flair by pairing it with a handbag made entirely of faux fur. You’ll also have a hard time missing the large number of fellow trendsetters on the winter street scene, walking round in shoes, with handbags and even jewellery decked out in faux fur detailing. It didn’t take us long to catch on: an accessory in faux fur will make you totally Pinterestproof!

Faux Real?

Do you have your heart set in being an animal- friendly trendsetter as well> If that’s your goal, do what many of the major fashion houses have done and make the switch from the real deal to faux fur. These days the difference is almost imperceptible : however , these handy tips will help you spot what’s real and what’s not>

  1. Faux fur feels just that little bit rougher: real fur is much smoother. But watch out ! The quality of faux fur is only getting better, which also makes it increasingly harder to tell the difference based on touch alone.
  2. If you look closer to the roots of faux fur, you’ll notice a wide variety in the types and colours of the hair you see. Where faux fur is concerned , however every hair is equally thick and long.
  3. Try to prick through the base layer that the fur is attached to.This is a lot easier with faux fur because the base is simply fabric, as opposed to leather.
  4. For the truly brave among us: try plucking a few hairs from the fabric and set them on fire. If the hair melts and smells of plastic , then you’re dealing with faux fur . However, if it looks and smells almost exactly like burnt human hair, then what you have is definitely the real deal.

By relying on these four tips for your next winter purchase, you’ll bedding your part to create a fashion world without animal suffering.

Fur Favourites

Are you, just like we are totally in the thrall of this trend? If so, be sure to check out the selection of online fur treasures.

Source: fibermood.com

Excited Fur Winter

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