Since the 1930’s people have been debating whether zippers are superior to buttons as a method of keeping the fly hut. For the denim puritan, there is no alternative: the re should be buttons, period. Although it’s more historically accurate, the zipper has won a lot of people over.But they both have pros and cons.

Buttons are easy to undo, but you’re going to need two hands to shut it ,which might be too much effort for some people. A button almost never breaks , and if it does you only hammer the new one.

The zipper is effective; you can pretty much operate it with only one hand. On the other hand you run a risk of the zipper getting stuck, and you run the risk of getting caught . The name zip fly comes from the or “Zip” the slider makes when you open or close the zipper. The first zipper flies appeared in 1926 and have been the most popular fastener ever since. The world’s first zipper was made in the U.S. back in 1891, and was aptly named “The Original”

But what determines which fastener to put on jeans. It is better to let the fir decide

The tight or slim fights all have zippers since we want to create a flat front look. Buttons would make the fly pop out too much a create a gap. Buttons would make these fits really uncomfortable.

The regular fits however all feature a button fly. The reason for that is all about aesthetics. The effects waring and tearing creates on the fabric of the fly facing becomes more interesting and beautiful than with a zip fly.

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Battle of the fly: Zipper vs. Buttons

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